Remington 870 Express 20GA Pump Shotgun 25582


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The Remington model 870 express shotgun was designed with the quality that Remington always guarantees in their products. This shotgun has a 26″ barrel, is chambered in 20 gauge, a modified choke, hardwood stock and fore-end as well as a simple, consistent bead sight all at an affordable price. guns international
Like all Model 870 shotguns, this workhorse features a receiver milled from a solid billet of steel for maximum strength and reliability. The silky-smooth twin action bars prevent binding and twisting so that you’ll always have the chance to get off a second shot. Appropriately dressed for the hunt and not for the wall, each shotgun sports non-reflective black matte metalwork and a no-frills hardwood stock and fore-end.This 20-gauge model is offered with a 26 vent-rib barrel with a Modified Rem™ Choke and single bead sight. gunbroker online sales

Its solid, dependable action makes it America’s favorite, and our continual upgrades make it the most advanced, well-rounded family of pump shotguns around. Along with continually evolving designs, this shotgun’s superiority is a matter of rugged dependability, great pointing characteristics and versatility. In fact, the Model 870™ has been the standard for slide-action performance for more than 60 years. guns international